Here at TopBetta, we take great pride in being able to offer the amateur punter the chance to win big from a small outlay simply by playing our tournaments.

Everyone is on a level playing field, and literally, anyone can win.

Three success stories can attest to this – including an unbelievable dead-heat in our biggest tournament so far, The Championships Tournament back in March:

Sawaszenko took on the professionals and won in one of our first BIG tournaments on Stradbroke Day, “I was in it, to win it!” he said.

He sure was!

During our massive tournament covering The Championships, we saw something remarkable. Not only did we have yet another amateur win big, we had TWO OF THEM DEAD-HEAT!

Aptly named dreamer and laid-back reclinerchair beat off 168 other punters to win, yet it was how they won that made it even more unique.

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“I started off with a five thousand losing bet and was not well placed,” dreamer said.

“At Sydney they didn’t look like they were making much ground throughout the day and Two Blues looked to be the only leader on paper.

“It was a horse that looked to handle soft ground, would get a good run in front and would be strong at the trip in the ground,” dreamer said.

Resulted Bets for Dreamer​

He placed $10,000 on Two Blues to try to win $217,000, knowing it would catapult him up the leaderboard, hopefully into top spot.

“I thought I was a chance when [Two Blues] gave a good kick at the 300 mark and not much was coming out of the pack. It’s fair to say it got a good cheer.” dreamer said.

Now came the wait for the leaderboard to update the tournament’s final positions.

Dreamer made sure he checked the final tips of those above him, noting that none had picked Two Blues to cross the line first and realised that he was a very good chance of taking home $100,000.

“I didn’t really know what to think, I checked the leaders bets and saw that none of them had backed the winner.”

“Next thing I knew, somebody had come from the clouds, waited all day, had one bet for the day on a 25-1 outsider that won to dead heat with me.”

That someone was reclinerchair.

“I was fast asleep and didn’t realise I had won,” reclinerchair said.

“I picked a horse that I’ve had some success with before.” reclinerchair said.

Amazingly that horse won him $65,150!

So, as you can see, anyone can win BIG here at TopBetta! And as reclinerchair found out, one bet could literally change your life.

So, Get In The Game today with TopBetta! You never know what might happen.

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This article first appeared on TopBetta.