It’s a tough gig being a fan of English football in this country as many a match has been missed in the early hours of Sunday as a hangover stealthily invades snoring heads.

This weekend will be no different either as diehard football fans across Australia will be trying their best to stay awake for the 2.30am kick-off as Crystal Palace take on Manchester United in this year’s FA Cup Final.


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You can pretty much guarantee that the two nations’ football fans will be cheering on the underdogs, Palace, against their rich opponents from North East England.

Even diehard West Ham fans who could be on a European Tour if the Red Devils win are backing their South London rivals rather than cheer on United, thus missing out on European football.

No one likes United, except their fans.

So this is why we should all get behind the Palace because it has been a cracking season for fans and neutrals worldwide, as Leicester gave it to the big boys and won the Premier League and now the Eagles can do too if they win the FA Cup.

The Palace fans love a good sing-along so get ready to join in!

Will it happen again? Well, no one thought it would after Blackburn Rovers won the title in 1995 but along came the Foxes 21-years later to hold that cup aloft.

Can Leicester City defend their title? Probably not, but what a season it was.

They proved that you don’t have to have a $158million midfield, or an 80,000 seater stadium or a billion dollar franchise worldwide, you just need to play good quality football and knock the big boys off.

And that’s just what Palace did on their remarkable journey to Wembley.

The Tottenham fans were singing their famous “Spurs are on their way to Wembley” tune until they met Palace in the fifth round, who duly dumped them out of the Cup with a one-nil win in their North London rival’s manor.

They followed this up with a solid two-nil victory at Reading then dispatched Watford two-one to make it to Wembley.

Meanwhile, the mighty red juggernaut from Manchester rolled over League One strugglers Shrewsbury Town three-nil in the fifth round.

They then had a tough home game against West Ham United but beat them in the replay at Upton Park.

Like Spurs fans, the Happy Hammers thought this was the season their name was on that famous cup.

Manchester United then dispatched Everton 2-1 in their FA Cup semi-final with a final second winner from Anthony Martial to set up their day with Crystal Palace.

There are unconfirmed rumours that this will be the one and only chance for Louis van Gaal to leave any kind of fingerprint on a side that many have said have underperformed.

If he looks up, he will see the Mourinho vulture slowly circling over him.

He doesn’t care though and is focused on holding the FA Cup aloft.

“It was a very long time ago that [Manchester United] won this cup, so it’s very important for the fans, for the club, for my staff and also for myself.

“I came here to win a title, and the FA Cup is a big title in England,” he said.

Palace manager Alan Pardew was playing for the Eagles in their only other FA Cup final appearence which ust happened to be against Manchester United, back in 1990.

That day Pardew was part of the losing team and he is out for revenge, reminding United of how dangerous his team can be.

“They’ll dominate possession and we’ll be very, very dangerous when they over commit,” he said.

So come Saturday night leave those beers for later in the evening and grab your mum and dad’s old vinyl collection and dig out Dave Clark Five’s ‘Glad All Over’ and get ready to sing it with the fans below.

That should keep the hangover at bay.


We are tipping Palace to snatch a late goal for a 2-1 victory @15

Annoy your neighbours and celebrate with Palace at 4.15am

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