“Where is he? Where is he?”I whispered to myself as a looked around the playground.For a short moment, my world stopped.

I stood there frozen in my puddle of latte that fell from my startled grip.He was only just running along the bridgeand now he has vanished.

My throat held my breath captive, my pupils bulged into the size of goggles as I scanned the playground in search for a little red flanny.

“Where could he be?”

There is only a handful of children playing and somehow my child has evaded the head count.

I yell out “Harry,” with no response.I immediately start to panic.

I dart around the playground, not able to focus on one area for too long as the hour glass is filling.

“My heavily pregnant friend feels my panic and goes into action mode.

She hurls her child over her shoulder and starts racing around the park in my desperation.Neither of us can rationalise the fact that he probably couldn’t have made it to the duckpond.

My airways are strangled with the most sickening feeling.

The worst case scenarios were circling my head, what if he was taken?

What if he escaped the child lock of the park gate and went onto the road?

I lose all inhibition and work myself into an off the radar mode of panic.

I start to scream across the playground “HARRY, HARRY, HARRY!” I don’t even care how ridiculous I look or the amount of attention that I’m drawing, as parents are starting to look around in empathy.

As I’m screaming out my third “HARRRRRYYY!” out pokes a little head from behind a tree.

My son’s little face looks at me in complete surprise, oblivious to the height of my anxiety.

For a quick second, my world had fallen a part.

Ten minutes felt like a day. He was too busy making friends with some acorns and working through his own quest to find their beret hats to be any the wiser.

I’ve never been so happy to see that dirt riddled face.

He was more interested in introducing his acorn buddies to methan to indulge in any of the love I was giving him.

How quick things can happen, all because my son wanted to accessorisehis acorn.

This will be my last column, so thank you for letting me share my questionably appropriate stories.

As a first time mum, I like all mothers are nutting out the great conundrums of motherhood where anything that can go wrong, probably will, the struggle is real and totally worth it.

They say they grow up in the blink of an eye, and as we’ve discovered you can also lose them in a blink of an eye so watch your children and cherish every moment because the best life is #mumlyf.

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