Name: Redden, Charles Walter Bell

Regimental number: 5435

Date/Place joined:8/12/1915Cootamundra

Age: 23y

Physical features:Height: 5’ 11” (180.3cm);Weight:11st 10lb (74.3kg);Chest:36” (91.4cm);Eyes: Blue;Hair: Black; Complexion: Olive.

Marital status: Single

Place of birth/residence: Wagga

Occupation: Labourer

War experience:Charlie Redden embarked on the Ceramic in April 1916.

After serving with several battalionsin France for nearly two years he was killed in action in April ,1918 in a fierce Australian counter attack on the village of VillersBretonneux.

His fellow soldier, R Jackson, wrote: “He lived for two or three minutes after he was hit, but he never spoke. I helped carry him out and left him at the Dressing Station for the night. I helped bury him next day at Aubigny Military Cemetery and we put up a Battn. Cross made by our Pioneers.”

In 1919, Charlies’mother received his effects consisting ofa wallet, prayer book, notebook, pencil, crucifix, letters, photos of his family and three cards.

His family also received his Victory Medal, Memorial Plaque and Memorial scroll in 1922.

Charlie’s name is listed on the Memorial Arch in Wagga.


Charlie Redden’s papers

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