Most people have to move house to change addresses, but for the residents Of Pokes Road and Brunts Road they have stayed put and had the streets change around them.

With another change on the horizon, the residents hope it will be rectified once and for all.

Poke’s Road, which points towards the Brunt residence, was formally known as Strawberry Lane,whileBrunt’s Road points towards the old Poke residence.

Moving into the street over 30 years ago, David and Christine Brunt notified the engineer at the time that their road did not appear to have a name and they were given the option to name it.

Strawberry Lane was born,aptly named for the delicious strawberriesgrown by the Brunt family.

The address stuck and was known by that name by localsuntil 2010 when the council decided to change the addresses of the propertiesunder the rural addressing system and make Brunts Road and Pokes Road official.

Confusingly enough, the new names did not accurately reflect where the families reside due to an error by the Nomenclature Board in 1984.

Jenny Brooks said that over the 25 years she has lived on the road, she has had five differentaddresses.

“I rang up because the insurance address didn’t match my postal address and I was actually told it was cheaper to live at 64 rather than 43,” Ms Brooks said.

The local residents joked together about a time when correspondence from the council was being sent to the houses on Pokes Road still addressed to Strawberry Lane.

While there is a funny side to the ever shifting addresses, what is not funny is the confusion they have caused emergency services.

“I have had to call ambulances twice for neighbours and both times have actually had to go and wait for them to guide them to the house,” Mr Brunt said.

“It was the only way to make sure.”

At the Waratah-Wynyard council meeting on Monday, Councilor Darren Fairbrother raised a motion to change the name of Brunts and Pokes Road to accurately reflect the families heritage.

According to Cr Fairbrother, the error in the naming of the roads was made by the Nomenclature Board in 1984 the Nomenclature Board rejected the proposal backed by council to rename Pokes Road Strawberry Lane in 1997.

The motion to change theroad’s names was supported unanimously by council, however residents of Pokes Road would like to see it revert back to the name they refer to it as rather than have the names switched.

“You say Strawberry Lane and everyone knows where you mean,” Andrew Richardson said.

Beneath smiles lays frustration : Andrew Richardson, Jenny Brooks, David Brunt, Angela Steynes with six-month-old Joseph, Chris Brunt and Brian Miller. Picture: Cordell Richardson

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